Feb. 9th, 2014

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The exchange part of the event is now completed, but if you still want to write more fic and someone extra happy, feel free to write them a treat!

ANYONE who wants to can write a treat, whether you're participating in the exchange or not. However, as with the rest of the exchange, you need an AO3 account to play.

You can write two kinds of treats:

1) Look at the QMi Exchange’s requests summary. Does a prompt there tickle your fancy? Go ahead and write it! No sign up necessary. There’s no word min/max, but treats are usually a little on the smaller side: think “short and sweet!” There’s also no deadline, though it’s good to get it in before April 30, and you can write as many treats as you want. Really, there’s no pressure—just write something nice for someone. That’s why it’s a treat!

2) Don’t see something that gets your imagination going? Then JUST WRITE QMI FIC! Write anything you want and post it to AO3 to bring joy and new work to your ship!

When you’re ready to post your fic, Click “Post to Collection” on the treat subcollection’s page. If you’ve written a treat for someone in particular, enter their AO3 username where it says “Gift this work to.”

Go forth and treat, fellow QMi fans!!


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