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For every mile of ocean crossed ☆ ([personal profile] outstretched) wrote in [community profile] qmiexchange2014-01-19 01:54 pm

2014 QMi Exchange Pinch Hitter Sign Up

QMi Exchange 2014 is over. See you next year!

Pinch hitters step in while the exchange is already underway and take the place of a writer who's had to drop. That way, participants don't go giftless!

You do not need to sign up for the exchange to join this list. We welcome any and all pinch hitters, whether participants or not!

To sign up, just leave a comment with your AO3 Username and an e-mail address that you check often. Then you'll be added to the Pinch Hit Mailing List. All comments are screened.

Thank you for offering to pinch hit!